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Your biomechanics may be complex, but solving foot pain should be simple. When you add the signature orthotic shape of Superfeet insoles to your footwear, you give your feet comfort and support where they need it most, helping redistribute forces to reduce stress and strain on your entire body, not just your feet.

Insoles FAQ’s

Superfeet promotes the concept that the unique shape of their insoles, based on 50 years of experience by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, in shoe comfort can be substantially improved. The Superfeet contour increases the contact area of the foot with the insole, reducing pressure points and improving comfort. So Superfeet is not just for when you are injured.. If you like comfort, experience it the Superfeet way!

Insoles are all about comfort, whereas orthoses are about realignment and redistribution of load. Superfeet insoles are THE option for comfort, or to trial arch supporting insoles prior to orthotic therapy.

Your medical or retail partner will determine the best option for you from the extensive range of Superfeet technical insoles.

We ship all over Australia and internationally at very competitive costs.

Over 35 Years
Of Professional
Arch Support

Clinical Kicks chose to partner with Superfeet International because we believe, quite simply, they offer the best insoles on the planet.

Close personal ties with Superfeet personnel, and an understanding of their deep commitment to research, development and innovation also played a big role in our partnership.

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