Running Shoes

Vimazi Women’s & Men’s Running Shoes

Thanks to their dedicated passion for running shoes and a goal to be the best, Vimazi created shoes for both men and women that are more than just the traditional “shrink it and pink it”!

Vimazi offers a full range of women’s running shoes, from the Z70 to the ultra-fast Z20, plus, the Trail Z2 and Z3 and the excellent Z90 walking shoe.

Sneakers for Trail, Marathon, & Casual

No matter what your outdoor activity may be, walking, trail running, hiking or running, Vimazi has you covered with a superb range of technical, pace-tuned athletic footwear. Easy to understand technology, supremely comfortable, great looking and performance-facing, Vimazi is the future.

You don’t have to run    fast ,

You just have to   go .

The Vimazi

It’s the balance of forces that matter to your body. Being out of balance increases stress, and weight affects the balance equally.

Vimazi’s 4D Tuning (3 dimensions + time) works for all body types by biomechanically engineering the balance between heel and forefoot to minimise stress in all directions; up-down, side-to-side, and forward-back.

The midsole is scientifically engineered to match the difference in heel-to-forefoot forces. Vimazi invented and patented this technology to mitigate the stresses that affect knees, ankles, and feet while running.

When you run with a Vimazi shoe, you’ll experience a smoother step transition with greater control and security, resulting in better long-term health for your legs.

Clinical Kicks is all about science and technology, and bringing you the absolute best products that embrace this mantra.

Vimazi is one such brand.